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Zoltán Pogátsa's blog on economics in English

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Requiem for Slovak government?!?

I have never been a fan of Sulik and his neoliberal SAS party, but this time around he acted responsibly. Wasting Slovak taxpayers' money on the Eurozone that is going to collapse withing months is just irresponsible. The likelyhood of Greece falling is 98%. If Greece collapse, so will Spain and Italy, who are a prayer away from bailout level refinancing rates for their debt. And the ESFS and the ECB have no money to bail them out. Therefore Sulik was responsible. Maybe he did blackmail the government, but it was Radicova who decided to make this vote a vote of confidence, not him. And you cannot go around justfying the continued existence of a government just because you are always afraid of Fico-the-Antichrist. You cannot base a democratic political system on this. One last thing: the Radicova government failed utterly in the most crucial thing needed by Slovakia. That would have been a reform of the educational system. With Radicova having come from academia, they never even tried. No requiem for her government, sorry.

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